Dynamic DNS

Why another dynamic DNS Service?

Since in the past the usage of different dynamic DNS services was not really satisfactional we decided to create our own service. The goal was to kept it simple and without unneeded overhead. This means especially that it should do only, what such a service is for. Nevertheless we will improve and extend this service if it's needed. As the capacity exceeds our needs we decided to provide it to others.

What is a Dynamic DNS?

Basically it provides a static hostname for a dynamic IP. With the defined name your connection point to the internet is reachable always, even if your IP changed. Usually this happens periodically every 24 hours on DSL connections. On any IP change the fix name will be remapped to the new IP - reachability is given again. It is enough to have one name for one real connection. If you don't see a benefit this service is nothing for you.

Quick Start

To use this service you have to login. Use the "Login" Button - the Login window will appear. If you don't have an account register one. On the "Manage Hosts" page, create a hostname with ip. Download the related update script at the bottom of this page. Refer to the documentation and F.A.Q. for more detailed information.

Why DynDN.eS?

We provide this service with the really needs only and do it on a secured way. We saw similar services which e.g. requests passwords through plain data connections or ask for - partially a lot of - personal information. Just two examples for people which are aware of such things. We require one valid email address for validation purposes only.

We put our focus on TCP/IP version 6 too, short IPv6. This includes usage of dualstack - means that the same hostname can be used for IPv4 and IPv6. We are convinced that a dynamic DNS will be more important and has more potential with IPv6 in the future against with IPv4 in the past.

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